Sunday, April 10, 2011

Compassion Sunday

Today at church was Compassion Sunday. Grant and I already sponsor one child through Compassion International, but today I felt a nudge in my heart that we should sponsor another one. We have been blessed with so much in our lives, and these kids have so little, and we want to share our blessings. The first child we started sponsoring almost a year ago; a little boy named Harits. He is 6 years old and lives in Indonesia. He's absolutely adorable! Today we picked out a beautiful 7 year old girl named Sefodina from Tanzania.

I've written Harits only a couple of times since sponsoring him, and I really feel kind of bad about it. What have I done this weekend that made me to busy to sit down and write him? The answer: nothing. So I'm going to try to set a new goal for myself. Grant and I (or just me haha) will write our two Compassion children twice a month, and with one of the letters each month, we will send some sort of little extra gift for them. I read that goal, and it doesn't seem like much, but to these two kids it's going to mean so much!


  1. Sounds like a wonderful goal! You're a good people ;) lol

  2. We sponsored Feed the Children kids when the boys were little, but we never had the chance to communicate with them on our own. It's neat that you can do that. Yea, I think you'll be doing the writing!