Friday, March 25, 2011

New To The Blogging World after reading others blogs for a few months, I decided to give it a try. Am I an amazing writer? Sorry, but no. Is my blog going to be all over the place talking about random things? Probably. A big reason I'm doing this is to keep my family updated on the goings on in my life, more so than just the occasional Facebook update; which I don't really do that often.

The hardest thing about blogging so far...coming up with a stinkin title! Everything I could think of (and liked) was already taken, and I didn't really want to put a bunch of numbers or extra things after it. Thank goodness for my amazing soon to be sister-in-law Lauren! She came up with The Brubacher Bunch!

Who is the Brubacher Bunch? Well right now it's just Grant, and I, and our cute little 4.5 pound Yorkie Charlie. Hopefully someday the bunch will be bigger, but I'm happy for now :-).

I can't promise how often I'm going to update this thing, but I sure am going to try to be somewhat consistent. Hopefully I'll have some people out there that can help keep me accountable!

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